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An Ethereum Plugin for the Pocket Node app.
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This repository has been deprecated, please visit the Pocket Core repository for the latest on Pocket development.


An Ethereum Plugin for the Pocket Node app.

Install Plugin

To install the plugin, first install Pocket Node and then run the following command:

pocket-node install pnp-eth


To configure your plugin run the following command:

pocket-node configure ETH /path/to/file.json

The following object describes the format of the JSON file you need to use to configure this plugin.


  • Each key in the configuration object must be a valid subnetwork ID (1 for mainnet, 4 for rinkeby and so on).
  • The eth_node attribute must be a HTTP or HTTPS url.
  • The default value for eth_node is and for eth_network_id is 5777
  "5777": {
    "eth_node": "",
    "eth_network_id": "5777"
  "4": {
    "eth_node": "",
    "eth_network_id": "4"

Submitting requests to a Pocket Node using this plugin

Before diving into the specifications on how to submit requests to the Ethereum network with this plugin, please review the Pocket Node Client Developer documentation found here.

Submitting transactions

Transactions must be signed with the account private key and submitted in the serialized_tx param of the /transactions endpoint. The tx_metadata param can be left blank.

Executing queries

To execute a query, please specify an object like the following as your query param in the request to the /queries endpoint of the Node:


  • The rpc_method found below comes from the Ethereum JSON RPC Specification, please refer to it in order to craft your requests.
  • The rpc_method will accept any RPC method, except sendTransaction and sendRawTransaction
  rpc_method: 'eth_getBalance',
  rpc_params: [<array with params>]
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