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Kernel which is compatible with Teclast F7/F6 Pro touchpad :)
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Ubuntu 18.04 Kernel-4.15.0-20 for Teclast F7 or F6 Pro

By Wojciech Zomkowski (pokulan)

How to install:

- Install Ubuntu/Lubuntu 18.04 (create bootable usb using etcher)

- Open terminal then type: "sudo apt-get update"

- Type command: "sudo apt-get install git build-essential kernel-package fakeroot libncurses5-dev libssl-dev ccache"

- Then type: "sudo apt-get update"

- Then type: "uname -r" and note your kernel version exmpl. 4.15.0-22 or 4.15.0-20...

- Remove your current kernel: "sudo apt remove linux-image-4.15.0-22-generic linux-headers-4.15.0-22-generic"

Note: "4.15.0-22" is your current kernel version, change it to your version noted before.

- Unzip downloaded kernel files to home directory

- Type in terminal (in home directory): "sudo dpkg -i linux*4.15.0-20*.deb"

Note: "4.15.0-20" is downloaded kernel version, change it if needed

- Sometimes you need to run: "sudo apt-get install fix" because there accure an error

- If everything (mostly everything because one package will throw an error) install fine restart the system!

Teclast F7 linux boot tips:

- Disable Secure Boot in Secure section in BIOS

- Disable Fast Boot in Boot section in BIOS

- Use Etcher to create bootable USB

Distros which boot fine: Ubuntu, Lubuntu, Xubuntu, KaOS

Distros which do not want to boot: Elementary OS, GParted, YUMI created pendrives

I'm waiting for my M2 SSD to check if this kernel works wih KaOS and if more distros would boot up I would check also with them. Anyway I will build custom kernel also for KaOS if this one doesn't work, because KaOS is more lightweight.


I received my SSD and installed Lubuntu 18.04 with this custom kernel, works awesome. I suggest you to instal KDE Plasma GUI (looks and works beautiful!). System with software (Android Studio, Gimp, DVB-t, Libre office...) use about 25GB, Windows 10 for example uses 30GB out of the box after installing all updates... ;)

If you have any problems please write to me:

Should works also with different linux distros, but didn't check that yet so be careful.

Have a nice day!

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