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Table of Contents

  • Welcome
  • Usage
    • Comment Moderation: Learn how to bonsai your conversations
    • Seed Comments: Learn how to add comments for users to vote on without participating yourself
    • User Authorization: Learn the ins and outs of figuring out which users are which on Polis. Anonymous? Anonymous but anxious about bots? Social login? Geographic bounds? Have your own proprietary authorization scheme? Link users to data you already have in your DB? Come check out what's possible!
    • Embedding: Learn how to embed Polis on your site in seconds by dropping in a script tag
    • Per User Config: Learn how to allow only certain users to vote, write, etc. when embedding
    • Configuration Templates: Learn how to save 'per user' settings in templates, e.g., isLoggedIn
    • Best Practices: Learn tips and tricks for getting the most out of Polis
  • Visualization
    • How to Read: Learn what each little part of the visualization means, in detail
    • Who Gets Shown: Learn how the Polis algorithm prioritizes who sees who in the visualization
    • The Math: Learn about the statistical algorithms that produce the visualization
  • Data