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NOTE: This project has been archived in favor of the monorepo setup at

Polis report


Same environment variables as the rest of the apps. Once you have the npm modules set up (npm install?), you can run the development server (with hot code reloading) by running ./x.

Note that there should be a file at .env_dev which will be read from when you call ./x. This shell script file should contain a line like export SERVICE_URL=https://polis.yourlocalns. This should point to whichever polisServer instance you like (likely either http://localhost:5000 for a local dev instance).


Deploy using the deployPreprod and deploy_TO_PRODUCTION, as appropriate.

Note that you will first have to copy over the polis.config.template.js file to polis.config.js, and edit appropriately. In particular, here you can specify the service url for the static build, as well as the uploader method and s3 bucket information.

You will also need to have AWS credentials set up at .polis_s3_creds_client.json if you are using S3 buckets for deployment (as specified in polis.config.js; other option is scp to a static file server). The credential file should be a json that looks more or less like

 "secret": "dfkjw3DDfkjd902k39cjglkjs039i84kjccC"}