A complete Android App, originally built to help Erasmus students manage their Erasmus Application Process.
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A complete Android App, originally built to help Erasmus students manage their Erasmus Application Process.

So, what's this about?

Back in middle 2016, I made a complete Android app as my thesis, based on specifications given by my University, for a tool that would help applying Erasmus students go through the application process. The app was simply called: "Erasmus UOI App". What is Erasmus? See here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Erasmus_Programme. "UOI" is the acronym for my University.

The app was expected to be released in the Google Play Store. It wasn't a test, or project app for the University. It was built as a normal, fully developed app that was going to be used by real students.

But, unfortunately, this didn't happen until today - where the European Commission themselves just announced a new app that does the same thing.

So, since my solution to this problem would end app lost in my GitHub, I decided to Open-Source it and write a series of posts in my blog about my development process and things that I learned about Android.

Why is the code interesting?

Maybe if you are a beginner Android developer, trying to find how some basic (and more intermediate) things work.

Things this app implements:

  • RecyclerViews for Lists
  • An "app features" slider in the beginning, built using Fragments
  • User personalization through a series of interconnected Fragments
  • Data persistence using XML parsing/writing
  • A hacky way of uploading data to a custom Google Form through HTTP requests
  • One-click calendar notifications
  • Full Material Design

Where can I find the blog posts?

Check my personal blog, at http://www.emexezidis.com.

What can I do with the code?

I would prefer that you use it to see how I solved some common Android problems. Maybe, along with the posts, will help you understand some specifics of Android development - especially if you are a beginner.

Now, if you want to use parts of it for your own app, I'd like it if you could link back to this repository.

Do you use any Open-Source code?

The app compiles OkHttp through Gradle.

Main UI