A scaffold for a 12 Factor node application
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Polarbear Scaffold

A opinionated scaffold and possibly/eventually framework for a 12factor node web application.

Polarbear aims to 1

  • Orchestrate and manage multiple processes for your application using node-foreman
  • Sale processes horizontally
  • Load balance your applications using nginx(this should always be easily replaceable)
  • Store configuration in environment variables
  • Treat backing services as attached resources
  • Manage infrastructure using ansible
  • Build, release and run your application
  • Maximize robustness with fast startup and graceful shutdown
  • Keep development, staging, and production as similar as possible by managing infrastructure with ansible and providing virtualization for development using vagrant
  • Send logs via stdout to a log-aggregator like logstash/logly(this should always be easily replaceable)
  • Run and manage tasks using simple node scripts that follow a standard implementation
  • Provide a way to build a api using express
  • Provide a way to build a universal client application using React

1: The majority of these goals come from and are explained by the 12 factor app

Documentation is over here