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You can now have your own news feed (like a facebook profile) on your own domain/webserver. Put links, images and text into a text field, let the app parse everything nicely for you and get a nice looking web feed for your audience. You can follow other peoples domains and get their content into your own stream. (demo on my own domain


current frontend features

  • Post content to create a profile/blog/website/feed
  • Avatars via Gravtar :)
  • Simple! (no media upload, just hotlink your services, just one textbox for all)
  • Markdown (format your content easily)
  • Special view for Text below 140 chars (speechbubble)
  • Attachments (Links are parsed and used for metatags and open graph metatags)
  • Format your Posts in realtime. The design tries to adapt to your content.
  • One time login. Stay logged in in every browser until you log out.
  • RSS Feed (i use it with ifttt to automatically twitter all my posts)
  • Special attachment behavior for Vimeo, Youtube, imgur, Flickr. (more following)
  • Timeline: Your content mixed with the content of users you follow. (like your twitter und facebook stream)
  • Add domains you want to follow under "Settings"

current backend features

  • get postings from users you follow by scraping them every 10min for new content. Data is copied/stored/cached in your server database.
  • backend based on nodejs. just npm install and create a redirect on your domain and you´re set up.
  • config via text files
  • frontend based on AngularJS.
  • live parsing of stylus2css, coffee-script and jade2html via express
  • pouchdb database lives completely inside the nodejs session. Stores permanently to disk. Just download a directory to backup. Replicate with Couchdb, Pouchdb)


  • basic settins of your MyFeed for personalisation with background images, colours, fonts and so forth
  • make this thing work without a server. (later)
  • import api. Stuff your MyFeed from other sources (current RSS, MyFeed)

install on

Use "" via shell. This downloads the software into ~/MyFeed/, installs every npm/bower module, creates an .env with your data and setup a new service via daemon tools. It creates also a .htaccess in ~/html/ to redirect every apache request to the nodejs service. The Install script asks for your desired port, username, pw, email and so forth.

generic install

... watch this space ...


🔥 like a facebook profile but on your own domain






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