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Polarity GreyNoise Integration

The Polarity - GreyNoise integration searches IPs in GreyNoise for internet scan and attack activity related to indicators on your screen. The scan and attack activity is then displayed via the Polarity Overlay Window, and we support the GreyNoise Community API out of the box if you do not already have an Enterpise API Key.

IP Address Resuts

Integration Example IP Address

CVE Results

Integration Example IP Address Integration Example Indicators

To learn more about GreyNoise, please visit the official website.

GreyNoise Integration Options

GreyNoise Enterprise Url

The URL path to the Enterprise GreyNoise API you wish to use

GreyNoise Api Key

Accounts api key used to access GreyNoise Api. If no API Key is entered, we will default to using the GreyNoise Community API to search.

Ignore IPs that have not been seen

If set to true, IPs that have not been seen by Greynoise will not be displayed in the Polarity Overlay window.

Installation Instructions

Installation instructions for integrations are provided on the PolarityIO GitHub Page.


Polarity is a memory-augmentation platform that improves and accelerates analyst decision making. For more information about the Polarity platform please see: