Polarity integration for Splunk, Splunk software transforms machine-generated data into valuable insights that can help make your business more productive, profitable and secure
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Polarity Splunk Integration

Polarity's Splunk integration allows a user to connect to a Splunk instance. The integration returns the number of records for an IP that are present for a given entity. A user can also link out to the splunk instance to view the data in Splunk.


The Splunk integration was built with the Splunk Javascript SDK. You can find more information about the SDK here: http://dev.splunk.com/javascript

Splunk Integration Options


This setting is the hostname of your Splunk instance. Please do not include the Scheme or Port if there is one. For example:



The default for port for the Splunk RestAPI is 8089. If you have changed your port when setting up your Splunk instance, please change the RestAPI port here.


Username set for an individual user or if you have a generic RestAPI user, you can set it here.


Password set for the individual user or generic user.

Search String

This is the search that you want executed within Splunk. Please ensure that your search starts with "search" and contains the variable {{ENTITY}} in order for the search to be executed properly. The variable represented by the string {{ENTITY}} will be replaced by the actual entity (i.e., an IP, hash, or email) that Polarity recognized on the user's screen.

For example, to search the mainIndex you might use a query like this:

search index=mainIndex {{ENTITY}}


Scheme set for your Splunk RestAPI. Valid values are https and http. The default value is set to https.


Version of the Splunk instance that you are running. For example, 6.5.

UI Hostname

This the exact hostname that you go to in order to access the Splunk User-Interface. If there is a port or a protocal used, please ensure they are included. For example:


Auto Cancel

This is an execution setting, that allows a user or admin to set a time limit to cancel a long running query. The value is specified in whole seconds.

Installation Instructions

Installation instructions for integrations are provided on the PolarityIO GitHub Page.


Polarity is a memory-augmentation platform that improves and accelerates analyst decision making. For more information about the Polarity platform please see: