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What is libpdk project

libpdk is a fundamental runtime of the php language just like the Java developement kit(JDK), the libpdk project regroup php kernel and standard C API into OOP style according to JDK and Qt framework and bring multithread support, multiprocess and multithread synchronization mechanism (atomic, mutex, condition variable), coroutine and event drived network framework into PHP language. developer can use the facility of libpdk to develop system management script, web application, high performance TCP/UDP server.


OOP design like JDK

We develop libpdk with object oriented programming style, reorganize PHP functions, interface and classes like Java JDK style. To provide developer with a well designed and robust programming interface.

Thread safe support

Care about multithread environment, almost all of API are thread safe implementation. You can develop multithread application happily with libpdk, use operation system thread mechanism to improve application performance.

High performance

ibpdk develop with modern C++ language and deliver to PHP developer as PHP native extension. We borrow many function and class implemention from JDK, C++ standard library and PHP kernel source code. We implment libpdk as fast as we can.

Complete documentation

A good opensource project must be well documented, libpdk supply a complete programming manuals and application programming interface documentations online. You can learn libpdk easily by manuals and get API detail usage in API documentations.

Implement with C++11

libpdk itself is big project develop with C++, We use modern C++ standard when coding and very care about the project architecture, code readability and maintainability. Provide application developer with a reliable framework codebase.

Opensource project

libpdk is an opensource project adopt the Apache Licence 2.0 licence and code managed with Github platform, You can develope application with libpdk carefree, Just enjoy it!

Support PHP Version

  • PHP 7.0
  • PHP 7.1
  • PHP 7.2
  • ...

many thanks to zendAPI project, see below description

Zend Engine API adapter project

zendAPI project official websites

What is zendAPI project

zendAPI is a project to wrapper the C API of Zend Engine into object oriented programming interface that implement with modern C++11 programming language. The zendAPI project provide php extension developer with a simple, rubust and OOP style API, so developer don't need learn the ugly and complex raw Zend Engine API, thereby let the php extension development become a simple and rapid task.

Meet the Team

We need these types of contributors:

  • Core CPP developer
  • libpdk application manual writer
  • PHP API documentation writer
  • CPP API documentation writer
  • Official website maintainer
  • Demo application developer
  • Community sermon for libpdk

If you are interested in any kind of work in the list above, please contact me:

The Community Contributors

Some members of the libpdk community have so enriched it, that they deserve special mention. We've developed a more intimate relationship with these key partners, often coordinating with them on upcoming features and news.


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