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PolarSys Time4Sys provides a framework that fills the gap between the capture of timing aspects in the design phase of a real-time system and the ability of specific/dedicated tools to verify the consistency and performances of a given scheduling.

It is composed of a bunch of Eclipse plugins that allow one to model, transforms, and verify the timing aspect of a system. It also integrates well in the Capella Tools.

Polarsys Time4Sys is an official Polarsys plugins. It is one result of the Waruna Project.

System Requirements

At least Eclipse/Mars.


At your own risk, you could install current development from the continuous integration website


To build both product and update site for Time4Sys, go to Time4Sys/releng/org.polarsys.time4sys.aggregator in this repository and run your maven command.


This is a list of people who have contributed code or ideas to luacnc -- for copyright purposes or whatever.