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+phploc should be installed using the [PEAR Installer]( This installer is the backbone of PEAR, which provides a distribution system for PHP packages, and is shipped with every release of PHP since version 4.3.0.
+The PEAR channel (``) that is used to distribute phploc needs to be registered with the local PEAR environment:
+ sb@ubuntu ~ % pear channel-discover
+ Adding Channel "" succeeded
+ Discovery of channel "" succeeded
+This has to be done only once. Now the PEAR Installer can be used to install packages from the PHPUnit channel:
sb@ubuntu ~ % pear install phpunit/phploc
downloading phploc-1.0.0.tgz ...
Starting to download phploc-1.0.0.tgz (5,834 bytes)
.....done: 5,834 bytes
install ok: channel://
+After the installation you can find the phploc source files inside your local PEAR directory; the path is usually `/usr/lib/php/PHPLOC`.
Usage Example

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