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This is the code for the revised set of openfmri analyses, performed
in Nov/Dec 2012.

1: copy all relevant zstats to a central directory (/corral-repl/utexas/poldracklab/openfmri/shared2/zstats)

2: create data files for analysis:

computed meants using:
fslmeants -i zstat_run1.nii.gz -m /corral-repl/utexas/poldracklab/software_lonestar/fsl-5.0.1/data/standard/MNI152_T1_2mm_brain_mask.nii.gz  -o zstat_run1_meants.txt

additional qa using
- this uncovered one subject for who the zstat image was empty (ds052_subctr158_task001_run001_zstat001.nii.gz which is ds052/sub011 - had no trials for this particular condition).  because of this I moved this subject to ds052/bad - then reran everything to get newly renumbered subjects

- QA shows substantially different variability across datasets
- but there don't appear to be any bad subjects

2.2: prepare data for ICA by adding 10000 to zstat images

2.3: create a mask that only includes voxels present for all subjects (allow a few to have missing data - right now threshold is 3)

- then combine them with the command:

fslmaths zstat_run1_goodvoxmask.nii.gz -mul zstat_run2_goodvoxmask.nii.gz goovoxmask.nii.gz

- also create version with no missing subjects:
fslmaths zstat_run1_missingcount.nii.gz -add zstat_run2_missingcount.nii.gz all_missingcount
fslmaths all_missingcount.nii.gz -thr 0.1 -bin all_badvox

fslmaths goodvoxmask.nii.gz -sub all_badvox.nii.gz -thr 0.5 -bin all_goodvox

2.4: package data into numpy npy files for classifier

2.5: make a smoothed version of the dataset

Note: sigma for smoothing of 6mm = 6/(N.sqrt(N.log(2.0)*6.0)) = 2.9421370201494326

2.6: create mean versions of each dataset for cluster analysis

3: run ICA on run1 data at various dimensionalities

- project data into ICs
(had to move these by hand to the data directory from the code directory)

3.2: run melodic on 6mm smoothed data

4: run classifier on wholebrain data
results saved to classifier_results_SVM.npz
SVM accuracy=93%

- perform this 1000 times using randomized labels: - launcher script to run all 1000

mean:  0.053225
95 pct:  0.075

5: run classifier on ICA components

NOTE: was originally run on unsmoothed ICA results.  these results have been moved to 
classifier/ICA_unsmoothed - all subsequent analyses should use smoothed ICA results
- uses  (use smoothed ICA components) - function to load data (TBD) - take mean for each task and project into ICA space for visualization - make 3axis iamges for next step - create polar task fingerprint plots

6: run searchlight classifier
- run 100 times to get mean across CV foldings
- using

results from 100 runs were collapsed using fslmerge and meaned using fslmaths

for testing, created 3mm version of run1 data using:

/corral-repl/utexas/poldracklab/software_lonestar/fsl-5.0.1/bin/flirt -in /corral-repl/utexas/poldracklab/openfmri/analyses/paper_analysis_Dec2012/data_prep/zstat_run1.nii.gz -applyxfm -init /corral-repl/utexas/poldracklab/software_lonestar/fsl-5.0.1/etc/flirtsch/ident.mat -out /corral-repl/utexas/poldracklab/openfmri/analyses/paper_analysis_Dec2012/data_prep/zstat_run1_3mm.nii.gz -paddingsize 0.0 -interp trilinear -ref /corral-repl/utexas/poldracklab/software_lonestar/atlases/MNI152lin_3mm.nii.gz run 500 times with randomized labels

95% max : 0.150125

7: hierarchical clustering

7_hierarchical_clustering.p - perform on full dataset - perform on melodic components 

8: low-dimensional embedding 

- t-SNE

tried lower perplexity but still saw dispersed items, so sticking with perplexity=10

9: subject classification
- train multiclass machine for subjects on run 1, test on run 2
- use mask with only voxels that are nonzero for all subjects

with goodvox mask (badsubthresh=3):
Out[4]: 0.7556179

with allgood mask (badsubthresh=0):
In [2]: N.mean(pred==labels2)
Out[2]: 0.7528089887640449

9.1 - run with random labels

cat subject_classifier/*.txt > all_subclass_random.txt

In [2]: d=N.loadtxt('all_subclass_random.txt')
In [3]: import scipy.stats
In [4]: p=scipy.stats.scoreatpercentile(d,95)
In [5]: p
Out[5]: 0.011376404494381894
In [6]: N.mean(d)
Out[6]: 0.0045337078651685337