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Takes a full name and splits it into individual name parts
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nameparts is a Python module that I wrote to address a problem splitting full names into individual parts (first, middle, last, etc.)

You can use it like this:

  >>> from nameparts import Name
  >>> n = Name("Thurston Howel III")
  >>> n.first_name
  >>> n.last_name
  >>> n.as_dict
  {'first_name': 'Thurston', 'last_name': 'Howel', \
    'middle_name': None, 'suffix': None, 'generation': 'III', \
    'salutation': None}
  >>> n = Name("Smith, John Paul")
  >>> n.first_name
  >>> n.last_name
  >>> n.middle_name

If you suspect you may see more than one name in a given field (i.e. separated by a/k/a) you can use MultiName:

  >>> from nameparts import MultiName
  >>> names = MultiName("Bruce Wayne a/k/a Batman")
  >>> names
  [<Name: 'Bruce Wayne'>, <Name: 'Batman'>]
  >>> [n.as_dict for n in names]
  [{'last_name': 'Wayne', 'salutation': None, 'first_name': 'Bruce', 'suffix': None, 
    'generation': None, 'middle_name': None, 'aliases': None}, 
   {'last_name': '', 'salutation': None, 'first_name': 'Batman', 'suffix': None, 
    'generation': None, 'middle_name': None, 'aliases': None}]

MultiName automatically uses the string 'a/k/a' to split names, but you can provide an optional splitter argument to override that:

  >>> from nameparts import MultiName
  >>> names = MultiName("Tony Stark | Ironman | Stark, Tony", splitter="|")
  >>> names
  [<Name: 'Tony Stark'>, <Name: 'Ironman'>, <Name: 'Tony Stark'>]


From source:

   python install

via pip:

   pip install nameparts

nameparts runs on CPython 2.6, 2.7, 3.2 and PyPy


nameparts is released under the BSD license.


Any of the above are welcome. Contact me at the email address in my profile.

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