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Poliastro with Cesium

An application to render poliastro orbital data with Cesium. It uses NASA's Blue Marble imagery.

Running the application

Run locally

  1. Create a folder in your target directory

  1. Clone the project

git clone

  1. Navigate to application

cd application

  1. If you have a Cesium access token, open main.html in the editor of your choice

  1. Find Cesium.Ion.defaultAccessToken and replace 'your_access_token' with your access token

NOTE: You can get an access token by creating a Cesium ion account. Alternatively, you can skip this step and use the default token.

  1. Run main.html in your browser

Run online

  1. Open any application in Cesium Sandcastle

  1. Copy the contents of Sandcastle/js_main.js

  1. Paste into the Javascript Code tab

js img

  1. Copy the contents of Sandcastle/html_main.html

  1. Paste into the HTML body & CSS tab

html img

  1. Run the application