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Python 3 library to write CZML
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Author: Juan Luis Cano Rodríguez orcid

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czml3 is a Python library to write CZML.

What is CZML?



You can install czml3 using pip:

$ pip install czml3

czml3 requires Python >= 3.6. Would you like to help us supporting Python 3.5 as well?

Let us know if you want to lend a hand by making czml3 available on conda-forge too.


A CZML document is a list of packets, which have several properties. When using czml3 in an interactive interpreter, all objects show as nice CZML (JSON):

>>> from czml3 import Packet
>>> Packet()
    "id": "adae4d3a-7087-4fda-a70b-d18a262a890e"
>>> packet0 = Packet(id="Facility/AGI", name="AGI")
>>> packet0
    "id": "Facility/AGI",
    "name": "AGI"
>>> packet0.dumps()
'{"id": "Facility/AGI", "name": "AGI"}'

Check out the tests to get an idea of the current capabilities of the library.


Join the chat at

If you find any issue on czml3 or have questions, please open an issue on our repository and join our chat!


You want to contribute? Awesome! There are lots of CZML properties that we still did not implement. Also, it would be great to have better validation, a Cesium widget in Jupyter notebook and JupyterLab... Ideas welcome!

We recommend this GitHub workflow to fork the repository. To run the tests, use tox:

$ tox

Before you send us a pull request, remember to reformat all the code:

$ tox -e reformat

This will apply black, isort, and lots of love ❤️



czml3 is released under the MIT license, hence allowing commercial use of the library. Please refer to the LICENSE file.

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