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this is roberta wwm base distilled model which was distilled from roberta wwm base by roberta wwm large
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A Roberta-ext-wwm-base Distillation Model

This is a chinese Roberta wwm distillation model which was distilled from roberta-ext-wwm-base by roberta-ext-wwm-large. The large model and base model are from this github, thanks for his contribution.

Based On

This model was trained based on this paper, which was punished by huggingface.


For train this model, I used baike_qa2019, news2016_zh, webtext_2019, wiki_zh. this data can be found in this github

Model Download

I just support BaiduYun to down this model, this link is below.

Model BaiduYun
Roberta-wwm-ext-base-distill, Chinese Tensorflow
Roberta-wwm-ext-3layers-distill, Chinese Tensorflow

Train Detail

To train this model, I used 2 steps.

  • I used roberta_ext_wwm_large model to get all examples tokens' output.

  • I used the output to train the model, which inited roberta_ext_wwm_base pretrain model weights.


  • I just used 5 different ways to mask one sentence, not dynamic mask.

  • Every example just use maximum 20 token masks

Teacher Model

  • I used Roberta large model to get every masked token's output, which was mapped to vocab, I just kept max 128 dimensions, you could ask why didn't you keep more dimensions, first, the storge is too much, second, I think keep too much is unneccessary.

Student Model

  • Loss: In this training, I use 2 loss functions, first is cross entropy, second is cosin loss, add them together, I think it has a big improvement if I use another loss function, but I didn't have too much resource to train this model, because my free Google TPU expired.

  • Other Parameters

Parameter Value
batch size 384
learning rate 5e-5
training step 1M
warming step 2W


In this part, every task I just ran one time, the result is below.


Roberta-wwm-ext-base, Chinese 74.04% 80.51% 56.94%
Roberta-wwm-ext-base-distill, Chinese 74.44% 81.1% 57.6%
Roberta-wwm-ext-3layers-distill, Chinese 68.8% 75.5% 55.7%
Model LCQMC dev LCQMC test
Roberta-wwm-ext-base, Chinese 89% 86.5%
Roberta-wwm-ext-base-distill, Chinese 89% 87.2%
Roberta-wwm-ext-3layers-distill, Chinese 85.1% 86%


Model CMRC2018 dev (F1/EM)
Roberta-wwm-ext-base, Chinese 84.72%/65.24%
Roberta-wwm-ext-base-distill, Chinese 85.2%/65.20%
Roberta-wwm-ext-3layers-distill, Chinese 78.5%/57.4%

In this part you could ask, your comparison is different with this github, I don't know why, I just used the original base model to run this task, got the score is up, and I used same parameters and distilled model to run this task, got the score is up. Maybe I used the different parameters.

But as you can see, in the same situation, the distilled model has improvement than the original model.

How To Train

  • create pretraining data

python \
        --output_dir=$OUTPUT_DIR \
        --vocab_file=$YOUR_VOCAB_FILE \
        --do_whole_word_mask=True \
        --ramdom_next=True \
        --max_seq_length=512 \
        --max_predictions_per_seq=20 \
        --random_seed=12345 \
        --dupe_factor=5 \
        --masked_lm_prob=0.15 \
        --doc_stride=256 \
        --max_workers=2 \
  • create teacher output data

python \
       --bert_config_file=$TEACHER_MODEL/bert_config.json \
       --input_file=$TF_RECORDS \
       --output_dir=$YOUR_OUTPUT_DIR \
       --truncation_factor=128 \
       --init_checkpoint=$TEACHER_MODEL\bert_model.ckpt \
       --max_seq_length=512 \
       --max_predictions_per_seq=20 \
  • run distill

python \
       --bert_config_file=$STUDENT_MODEL_DIR\bert_config.json \
       --input_file=$TF_RECORDS \
       --output_dir=$OUTPUT_DIR \
       --truncation_factor=128 \
       --max_seq_length=512 \
       --max_predictions_per_seq=20 \
       --do_train=True \
       --do_eval=True \
       --train_batch_size=384 \
       --eval_batch_size=1024 \
       --num_train_steps=1000000 \


  • We need a small size one, your model are still base size.
  1. The purpose of punish this model is to identify feasibility of distilled of method.

  2. As you can see, this distilled method can improve the accuracy.

  • Why did you punish the 3 layers model?
  1. Some githuber told me, we need small size one, the bert base version is so large, I can't afford the cost of the server, so I punished the small size one!
  • Future Plan

  • I still trained a 6 layers model, I will punish it around 2020.01.23


Thanks TFRC supports the TPU!

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