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Polifonia Ontology Network (PON)

This repository contains references to the Polifonia Ontology Network.

DOI License: CC BY 4.0

πŸ”— Ontology URI:

The Polifonia Ontology Network (PON) provides a modular backbone of music ontologies to address both cultural heritage and more general queries in the music domain. As illustrated in the diagram below, PON v1.0 comprises 15 ontology module that are organised thematically (colours, horizontal view) and hierarchically, to highlight their dependencies (vertical view). At the bottom of the architecture lies our Core module (providing general-purpose elements of design, ODPs, and alignments) and the reused ontologies. Four foundational models provide interoperability across PON through their abstract design: Source, Instrument, Music Meta, and Music Representation. These are specialised and extended in the upper levels to add functionalities and contextualise specific domains.


A summary of PON modules is given in the table below, with links to the repositories storing the modules with documentation, diagrams, and examples. Through our foundational models, PON ontologies can be applied to a wide set of music projects, and the modular design simplifies extensibility and maintenance.

Ontology modules of Polifonia Ontology Network

Ontology Prefix Description URI Repository
FULL pon: The FULL ontology module stored in this repository, which imports all the modules listed here.
Core core: Elements of general reuse and ontology design patterns.
Music Meta mm: Achieving interoperability of music metadata.
Music Representation mr: Foundational model to describe arbitrary musical content.
Music Instrument mop: Instruments and their evolution through time and space.
Source src: Representing musical sources and their context of production.
Tunes tunes: A specialisation of Music Meta for folk music.
CoMeta com: An extension of Music Meta to represent music corpora.
Music Projection mp: Achieving interoperability of music notation systems.
Organs organ: A rich descriptive model of organs and building methods.
Bells bell: Describing bells, bell towers and bell ringers.
Music Algorithm mx: Computational methods for music and their parametrisation.
Music Analysis ma: Music analysis through reasoning using modal-tonal theories.
Music Annotation ann: A wrapper of ontologies for music annotations (audio, symbolic).


πŸ™Œ We encourage you to explore and leverage the Polifonia Ontology Network v1.0 to enhance your music-related applications, research, and collaborations. Your feedback and contributions are highly appreciated as we continue to refine and expand this ontology network.

Let the power of ontologies unlock new possibilities in the world of music! 🎡✨


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.