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This is Launchshool course 170 optinal project.

demo is here.

My attempt here is a clone of Pocket. Due my poor knowledge of CSS, I just add some basic concept of CSS. So now, only some function:

  1. I suggest this web app running on localhost, for personal use to store something you think it is worth reading, but you are busy now, you can save it later. I don't add any login/logout feature right now.

  2. All bookmarks are store at your local yaml file

  3. if you mess up your yaml file, you can click delete all button to reset

  4. you can add a link directly, and it will show one title, one short description, and one image automatically

And I not yet learn about how to manipulate SQL or database language, I only use yaml file to store all the bookmarks to read it later.

There are some more feature I want to add in the future:

  • Use javascript to add share button in each link
  • Each users can create their own bookmarks
  • move yaml file to database
  • Each bookmarks can enter into new pages, and other users can vote up/comment on it (more like a hacker news?!)
  • You can add Tag
  • Add to my favorite
  • Add navigator bar
  • some js/css effect to look more beautiful
  • arrange all the bookmarks of the user by votes
  • you can set your bookmarks to open/private with a specific random link