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Have you ever been so busy and come to realize that your child’s enrollment form is due tomorrow? Do you ever need to step out of your office chair to try and call the admin so you can change your contact details and address? Or to find out about your loved one’s day being their first time at an educational setting? The anticipation is over! I have developed a solution that can save you time take annual leave or leave work early so you can have a chat with one of the admins at your child’s school or kinder. iEnrol is here to solve your problem.

What you can do with iEnrol: Create an account and assign yourself a username and password Login with your username and password at anytime of the day View, add and edit your child’s enrollment details with just a few clicks See how your child’s day has been when you login

To all our admins at any educational sectors out there, iEnrol is also here to help you transition from having piles and piles of paper (of enrollment forms) to paperless.

Login with your designated username and password View, edit and make changes of students’ information Send few messages out to parents about students’ day

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