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Polis Core v1.4.4 Release

Non-Mandatory Update

To the dear Polis community.
We are very glad to release the v1.4.4 for the Polis Core Official Wallet.

About the Release

This version is recommended for everyone experiencing issues with block download after the PoS fork.
This release will ban nodes with protocols below 70211 as miners will no longer contribute to block validation and the last PoW-compatible version of the wallet (v1.3.1.1) that ran on protocol 70210 won't be supported anymore.

Special Note

We want to thank everyone involved with Polis to this point. Specially miners and mining pools for contributing with the PoW validation from Polis' beginning.


Thanks first to the Bitcoin Core team and community, second for the Dash Core team and community, and last but not least to the StakeNet and PeerCoin teams for providing the base for the Proof-of-Stake implementation and to the Polis Community for thriven us to the right way.