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@ricgby ricgby released this Apr 26, 2019

PolisPay v7.1.2 Release


  • Fixed a bug where InstantSend addresses could not receive a payment.
  • DeepOnion is now active.
  • PolisPay Shift is now active!
  • Minor visual fixes.
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@eabz eabz released this Mar 11, 2019

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@SexyAtlas SexyAtlas released this Mar 9, 2019

  • Quick fix of order status
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@SexyAtlas SexyAtlas released this Mar 8, 2019

  • Open Beta now Live.
  • GroestlCoin added.
  • DigiByte added.
  • ZCoin added.
  • UX improvements.
  • Minor Bug fixes.
  • ElectrumX added.
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@PerseusPolis PerseusPolis released this Jan 18, 2019

PolisPay v6.1.0 Release


  • We handle all the possible outcomes and errors when a deposit is made. (Fee refund upon error).
  • Order and deposits detailed status.
  • LTC and BTC wallet fixes.
  • PIN change now available.
  • Confirm delivered card so the order no longer appears in the app.
  • Minor bug fixes.
  • Minor text fixes.
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@PrettyBoyHelios PrettyBoyHelios released this May 22, 2019

PolisPay v7.1.7

We are glad to bring you the latest PolisPay update!

For this build we focused on the following changes to make your experience even better.

  • Performance improvements.
  • Reduced data usage.
  • UX improvements.
  • Wallet Encryption bug fixes.
  • Improved stability of ElectrumX connections
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@ricgby ricgby released this May 4, 2019

PolisPay v7.1.6 Release


  • Fixed a bug where addresses could not parse the QR amount.
  • FIxed a bug where shift status was not showing correct information.
  • Minor visual fixes.
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@PerseusPolis PerseusPolis released this Jan 30, 2019

  • MNP Coin added
  • Minor bug fixes
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@eabz eabz released this Dec 25, 2018 · 1 commit to master since this release

PolisPay v6.0.10 Release


  • Fixing bug on Amount Page not letting use Fiat instead of Crypto.
  • Fixing issues with LTC transactions.
  • Cleanup BCH code.
  • Adding support button.
  • Fixing external links.
  • Support for COLX.
  • Update Capacitor services
  • Fixing in card Purchase and Prices.
  • Fixing card balance
  • Some UI fixes.
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@SexyAtlas SexyAtlas released this Dec 10, 2018 · 1 commit to master since this release


  • Fixed a bug where Russia was not showing in the country list.
  • Fixed a bug where the card currencies are only shown on USD.
  • You can now fill your card with GIN!
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