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<!DocTypE hTmL>
<meta charset=utf-8 />
<title>Demo App for require-handlebars-plugin</title>
<div id="demo-app-container"></div>
<!-- If you set the require variable to an object, it automatically is the config :D -->
<script>require = {
locale : "en_ca",
// I change the path as to not duplicate the hbs.js and handlebars plugin.
// Normally, just drop it in the same place as require.js and it'll work fine.
// Essentially just ignore this.
paths : {
'hbs' : '../hbs',
'Handlebars' : '../Handlebars'
<!-- use a common require.js and app injection method. -->
<script src="demo/require.js" data-main="demo/main.js"></script>