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D3 Margin Convention encoded as an npm package. Idea "forked" from 1wheel/d3-starterkit


d3-convention depends on d3 as a peer dependency

npm install d3 d3-convention


var c = require('d3-convention')()

      width: c.x(0.5), // 50% wide
      height: c.y(0.5), // 50% high

      x: c.x(0.25), // Center horizontally
      y: c.y(0.75) // Center vertically
    .style('fill', 'steelblue')


All options have sane defaults, however d3Convention([opts]) accepts:

var c = d3Convention({
  margin: Number || {top: Number, right: Number, bottom: Number, left: Number},
  width: Number,
  height: Number,

  parent: DOMElement || String ||,
  svg: SVGElement || String || // preferably SVGSVGElement

It will mutate the originally passed opts Object, with these properties:

  • c.margin is an Object with the properties {top, right, bottom, left} either the originally passed opts.margin object, an object expanded from the Number passed or the default {top: 20, right: 10, bottom: 20, left: 10}
  • c.width is the "scene" width excluding margin on the left and right side. Defaults to 960 - margin.left - margin.right = 940
  • c.height, under the same constraints as c.width. Defaults to 460
  • c.outerWidth the width of the SVG element. Calculated from c.width + c.margin.left + c.margin.right. Default resolves to 960
  • c.outerHeight the actual height of the "drawing scene". Calculated from c.height + + c.margin.bottom. Default resolves to 500
  • c.parent is either the passed opts.parent or a D3 selection with the body element. This is where the c.svg element is inserted, unless opts.svg is passed, in which case this property is ignored
  • c.svg is a newly inserted <g> element which is translated. We will try to set the width and height attrs of this, as well as appending a <g> element which is translated. However specifying opts.svg allows you to some of your SVG markup and just insert the conventions in a child node, eg. if you hardcode something like a legend
  • c.x is a d3.scale.linear scale that maps [0, 1] -> [0, opts.innerWidht]
  • c.y is a flipped d3.scale.linear scale so that 0 is at the bottom of the scene. It maps [0, 1] -> [opts.innerHeight, 0] (note the upside-downness)
  margin: {top: Number, right: Number, bottom: Number, left: Number},
  width: opts.width || 960,
  height: opts.height || 500,

  innerWidth: Number,
  innerHeight: Number,

  parent: || HTMLBodyElement),

  x: d3.scale.linear,
  y: d3.scale.linear

Notable Differences

d3-convention was inspired by Block #3019563 and 1wheel/d3-starterkit.

It differs from d3-starterkit in several ways:

  • margin is subtracted, where d3-starterkit adds margin to your specified width and height
  • This does not return the same breadth of scales by default
  • This does not return any axis
  • parentSel is parent. This lets you pass whatever accepts, it being Element, selector or an existing d3.selection




D3 Convention encoded as an npm package




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