Elixir Library wrapping Google Civic Information API
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Elixir Library wrapping Google Civic Information API

Project Motivations

  • @ckrailo and @accua wanted a project to hack on while learning Elixir, but quickly realized that others could benefit from an open learning process as well.
  • Now, we want to open the project and process up to others who want to learn as well or help mentor others.

Project Goals

  • Build API wrapper around Google Civic Information API. This is the PolitEx library.
  • Build Phoenix API and web frontends around the API consumed via the above wrapper. We haven't started this project repository yet.
  • Blog where we post about our learning experiences.
  • Wiki where we catalog links. (Perhaps similar to the awesome lists?)
  • Library documentation page at politex.politilounge.com.
  • Phoenix project code documentation page at TBD URL.

API Wrapper

Phoenix Project

  • Details TBD, contributions and ideas are welcome.
  • RestAPI endpoint for ???
  • GraphQL endpoint for ???
  • Web frontend for querying data from the Google Civic Information API.


Please, come hack with us! This is our first Elixir project and first time trying out this open source learning project thing, so there's bound to be some mistakes. Learners and mentors should join the slack team below...