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PoliTO Students App

Politecnico di Torino's official mobile application for students.

License: EUPL--1.2

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From app stores

Google Play Store
Apple App Store

Start from source

To start the app locally you'll need git and a recent version of Node.js (see Contributing) for more details.

Talk with us

Feel free to open an issue if:

  • you want to propose a new feature
  • something is not working properly

One of the maintainers will triage your issue and define a course of action for it.

Join the discussion

The issues of more general interest and wide impact will be converted to open Discussions, where we seek input and feedback from the whole community. You are encouraged to comment and contribute to currently open Discussions.

Roadmap and feature proposals

We use GitHub Projects to keep track of the roadmap.
If you would like to propose a new feature, feel free to open an issue with the Feature Proposal template.


We appreciate contributions to implement new features, bug fixes, UX improvements, documentation and translations.

Before writing any code, always get in touch with the maintainers to coordinate the effort and avoid duplicated work.

Always refer to Contributing to get started working on this project.

If you open an issue and are willing to implement it

If you open an issue and are willing to implement it, please specify it in the issue description.

Please wait for feedback from the maintainers before implementing your fix. The maintainer will assign the issue to you after triage.

If you want to take care of an open issue

If you want to take care of an open issue please reply into the issue thread and wait for assignment confirmation from the maintainers.


This project is licensed under the EUPL - European Union Public License, version 1.2. Read the full license for details.

If you build a customized or modified version of this App

You are forbidden to use the brand name of Politecnico di Torino and its official logo, or variations thereof.

You should clearly specify that it is a non-official version, and add a reference to the official GitHub repository. Carefully read the EUPL license, in particular Article 5.