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Extended tabulated-list-mode
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Andreas Politz
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This package adds marks and filters to tabulated-list-mode. It also puts a dired face on tabulated list buffers.

It can be used by deriving from tablist-mode, or with more limited features by enabling tablist-minor-mode inside a tabulated-list-mode buffer.

Tablist minor mode

command keymap
tablist-mark-forward m
tablist-unmark-backward DEL
tablist-do-kill-lines k
tablist-unmark-all-marks U
tablist-unmark-forward u
tablist-toggle-marks t
tablist-sort s
tablist-shrink-column <
tablist-enlarge-column >
tablist-quit q
tablist-revert G
tablist-export-csv C-c C-e


command keymap
tablist-change-marks * c
tablist-unmark-all-marks * !
tablist-mark-items-regexp * r or % m
tablist-mark-items-numeric * n
tablist-mark-forward * m


command keymap
tablist-pop-filter / p
tablist-push-regexp-filter / r
tablist-push-equal-filter / =
tablist-push-numeric-filter / n
tablist-negate-filter / !
tablist-toggle-first-filter-logic / t
tablist-display-filter / /
tablist-suspend-filter / z
tablist-push-named-filter / a
tablist-name-current-filter / s
tablist-delete-named-filter / D
tablist-deconstruct-named-filter / d
tablist-edit-filter / e
tablist-clear-filter / C

Tablist mode

Same bindings as tablist-minor-mode, plus the following:

command keymap
tablist-flag-forward d
tablist-find-entry RET
tablist-find-entry f
tablist-do-delete D
tablist-do-copy C
tablist-do-rename R
tablist-do-flagged-delete x
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