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Fixed typo with build-essential[s] package name

The package is called build-essential in 13.04 (without plural s)
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1 parent 81d64c0 commit b0481de09cf830bce3c21faf5929242acf7eb369 @FredrikWendt FredrikWendt committed Oct 13, 2013
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@@ -50,7 +50,7 @@ Official Ubuntu packages are available in poliva/lightum-mba ppa:
Compiling from source (Tested on Ubuntu 13.04)
- 1. Install the build-essentials package: "sudo apt-get install build-essentials"
+ 1. Install the build-essential package: "sudo apt-get install build-essential"
2. Clone the repository by running "git clone and "cd" into the project's directory.
3. Install the dependencies "sudo apt-get install libxss-dev libdbus-glib-1-dev"
4. Run "make"

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