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What is weechat-matrix?

Weechat is an extensible chat client.

Matrix is an open network for secure, decentralized communication.

weechat-matrix-rs is a Rust plugin for Weechat that lets Weechat communicate over the Matrix protocol. This is a Rust rewrite of the weechat-matrix Python script.

Project status

This project is a work in progress and doesn't do much yet. It can connect to a Matrix server and send messages.

If you are interested in helping out take a look at the issue tracker.


After Rust is installed the plugin can be compiled with:

cargo build

On Linux this creates a file in the target/debug/ folder, this file needs to be renamed to and copied to your Weechat plugin directory. A plugin directory can be created in your $WEECHAT_HOME folder, by default .weechat/plugins/.

Alternatively, make install will build and install the plugin in your $WEECHAT_HOME as well.