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Pantone Color Of The Day

** paused **

The purpose of this project is to create an archive of all of Pantone's "Color of the Day" colors
Pantone site:
My archive:

FILES: The has a function that does the following:

  1. Scrapes the Color of the Day website to get the Color name, Pantone ID, Hex code, and 3 describing words.
  2. Appends this info to Colors.csv
  3. Uses that info to write a new html div section and add it to index.html (This feature was added 2/4/18, so any html text previous to that date might be formatted a bit different)

The has a function that does the following:

  1. Pushes the updated index.html and Colors.csv to this repository

The file imports the previous 2 files/functions and runs them.

AUTOMATION: Using Apple's Automator, I created a "Run Shell Script" bin/bash command (pass input: to stdin)

  • cd /Users/parulagarwal/Documents/Code/GitHub/Pantone_ColorOfTheDay
  • /Users/parulagarwal/anaconda3/bin/python

The second line specifies the proper installation of Python. This is to make sure you can use all your installed packages (previously running into an issue with "bs4").

Finally, I created an recurring Apple calendar event where the alert opened the Automator file.


Creating an archive of Pantone's Color of the Day website



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