Backbone.js plugin that adds view life cycle, dynamic view loading & multi-page navigation
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Life cycle for views, dynamic view loading & multi-page navigation.

  • Backbone-Mediator
  • Require JS (for dynamic views)

Defining Views

Views are define by adding a view hash on you view.

var view = Backbone.View.extend({
    views: {
        // My views

There are 2 kinds of views:

  1. Static views.
  2. Dynamic views.

Static Views

Static views are parts of your view, like a UI component, a widget. Spliting a view in several component can help re-using your code.

Static views are added to the views hash as a name & view couple:

var listView = Backbone.View.extend({...})

var view = Backbone.View.extend({
    views: {
        list: listView

Static views are automatically opened when the parent view is opened. In some cases, you might want to open your static view later, manually. You can achieve that setting the 'autoOpen' property to false (the view will still be instanciated, ready to be opened).

var listView = Backbone.View.extend({
    autoOpen: false

var view = Backbone.View.extend({
    views: {
        list: listView // Won't be opened automatically opened

Dynamic Views

Dynamic views allow you to define some views to be loaded on demand. The javascript code of those views won't be loaded until it is requested. It makes sense to use dynamic views for pages or your application, or for a rarely used but heavy component.

RequireJS is a dependency for dynamic views. It is recommanded that the view to be loaded dynamically follow the AMD format.

var view = Backbone.View.extend({
    '#pages': {
        myPage: 'path/to/my/view'  // Will look for path/

View Life Cycle

Backbone-Multiviews introduce a more complete life cycle so to manage complex view interaction.

On instantiation

The full life cyle is normally executed on instantiation:

instantiation --> initialize() --> open() --> setup()
                                          --> show()

On subsequent opening

open() --> [if not presently opened] --> setup()
       --> show()

On closing

close() --> clean()
        --> hide()


Action to be executed once on instantiation.

  • Instantiate child views
  • Call open() if property 'autoOpen' is not explicitly 'false'.


Each time the view opens, ( e.g. by navigating to a page).

  • Refresh model (if present).
  • Call setup() if property 'open' is not 'true'.
  • Call show()
  • Open child views (unless their 'autoOpen' property is explicity 'false')


Each time the view opens and it wasn't already opened.

  • Set model listenners.
  • Set dom event delegation.


  • Close child views
  • Call clean()
  • Call hide()


Reverse of 'setup'.

  • Unset view listenners.
  • Uset model listenners.
  • Undelegate dom events.


  • show the dom element (this.$el.stop().show())


  • hide the dom element (this.$el.stop().hide())

Overriding & extanding the view life cycle