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A DeFi-focus Blockchain Platform


  1. newpolka Public

    The Substrate version of PolkaFoundry.

    Rust 8 2

  2. oldpolka Public

    A smart contract & decentralized bot engine, with a focus on usability and developer-friendly.

    JavaScript 92 9

  3. lovelock Public

    A digital memory app, using reactjs, icetea, and ipfs.

    JavaScript 5 3

  4. Forked from wasdk/WebAssemblyStudio

    A web IDE to write smart contract for Icetea blockchain.

    TypeScript 2 1

  5. icetea-web3 Public

    Web3-like client lib for IceTea blockchain.

    JavaScript 2 2

  6. sunseed Public

    Transpile 'decorated JS' into regular JS for use on Icetea blockchain.

    JavaScript 2 1


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