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Reachy the Bio-Inspired Robotic Arm

Beautiful, Easy-to-use, Versatile, Open Source Human-size robotic arm for your robotic applications!


Reachy is a unique robot arm with a high level of mobility (7-Dofs). Different tool can be added on the arm's tip such as hook, gripper and 5 fingers hand. You can learn more about this project on its webpage and on youtube: Video preview

Reachy is designed and produced by Pollen Robotics, we offer product design and custom developpement, you can learn more on our website.

Open source

Reachy hardware and software are both open source and can be freely modified/custumized by the end user to fit its needs.

The software is built on top of the Pypot library and is distributed under LGPL Licence.

The hardware is made using OnShape under Creative Commons BY-SA licence licence and is accessible here


In this repository, there are multiple examples explaining how to use reachy.

  • A Quickstart on how to plug and start reachy can be found here.
  • You can learn more on the software architecture here.
  • Several examples are available in the folder applications.

Those notebooks can be viewed directly on GitHub or can also be run locally to directly experiment with your robot. See the jupyter documention for mor information on how to do that.


Reachy's control library is written in Python (>=2.7 or >= 3.4) and works on Win/Mac/Linux and Raspberry Pi. It allows for fast and simple control of your robotic arm. And also provides you example with more advanced features such as inverse kinematics, simulation, tracking, etc. It relies on the pypot library for the dynamixel motor communication.

On Raspberry-Pi, you can burn a ready to use image file (installation for both Python2 and Python3): here. You will need a 16Go SD card. You can plug a screen and keyboard directly on the Raspberry Pi or you can access it via ssh (hostname reachy, user pi and password reachy).

It can be installed from the source via pip.

git clone
pip install -e ./reachy/software
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