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Rust API for the STM32F0 micro controller
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Rust API for the STM32F0 micro controller

Build Status

The API is composed of two main crates:

  • the stm32f0x2 is the raw API as generated via svd2rust
  • the stm32f0_hal is a higher level API with GPIO, LED, UART, etc support


First you need to setup your environment to cross compile it for armv6. You can find good instructions for Win/Mac/Linux here.

Then you can build both workspaces directly from the root using xargo build --target thumbv6m-none-eabi.

Warning: due to some recent APIs break, you should use the nightly 25-12-2017! We will fix that real soon.


You can find examples in the stm32f0_hal/examples folder. They can be built directly.

For instance, to build the blinky example: xargo build --target thumbv6m-none-eabi --example blinky.

You can generate the doc via xargo doc for a complete API.


Xargo version

If you encounter an error such as: error: no matching version = 0.0.0 found for package compiler_builtins (required by sysroot)

Make sure you downgrade your xargo version to 0.3.8: cargo install xargo --vers 0.3.8 -f

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