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Integrate Poll Everywhere into your Ruby applications.
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The Official Poll Everywhere API Gem

The Poll Everywhere gem is the best way to integrate Poll Everywhere with your applications.

Build Status

Getting Started

Install the Poll Everywhere rubygem:

$ sudo gem install polleverywhere

If you're using bundler, add the following line to your Gemfile:

gem "polleverywhere"

Accessing your polls

require 'polleverywhere'

# Specify your username and password here
PollEverywhere.config do
  username  "my_username"
  password  "my_password"

# Create a multiple choice poll
mcp =
mcp.title = 'Do you love numbers?'
mcp.options = %w[1 2 3]

# Create a free text poll
ftp =
ftp.title = 'What is your favorite thing about vacation?'

# Now start playing! Get a list of your polls
polls = PollEverywhere::Poll.all

# ... or grab a specific poll
mcp2 = PollEverywhere::MultipleChoicePoll.get(':permalink')

You can do all sorts of fun stuff with polls!

Additional resources

Goals & Roadmap

In the future, you can expect:

  • API models and documentation for areas of Poll Everywhere
  • Process errors triggered by the server
  • Perform client-side validations
  • Asyn/Evented HTTP adapter
  • App-layer specs
  • Protocol/API-layer specs

Professional Development & Support

If you'd like for us to implement part of Poll Everywhere as a documented API or RubyGem and you don't see it on here, please engage our professional support services at

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