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Argo Lite

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An interactive graph visualization system that runs in your web browsers. No installation needed.

Live Demo - Launch Argo Lite in your browser

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Feature Highlights

Interactive Graph Visualization

Visualize your graph with interactive force-directed layout, automatic sizing and coloring by pagerank, and full control over every node for customization!

Argo Lite visualization with force directed layout

Argo Lite visualization graph options

Incremental Exploration

Argo Lite empowers you to incrementally explore large graphs. Start by several import nodes (with high PageRank or degree) or by a node that you are interested in, and add their neighbor nodes to expand your visualization!

Argo Lite incremental exploration

Save and Publish via URLs

You can publish your "graph snapshot" as a URL link. Anyone with the link will be able to access and continue their exploration from this snapshot. You can still save the snapshot locally as a file if you prefer.

If you are working on sensitive or proprietary data, and prefer to set up a private sharing server with access control, please refer to Deploying Argo Lite and Sharing backend service

Argo Lite sharing graph as link

You will be able to load the snapshot from your saved file or from the shared link to work on them again. Note that each snapshot associated with a link is immutable, so if you modify a shared graph, you need to share again to get a new link. The original link will still point to the graph before your modification.

Embed into Web Pages

Argo Lite allows you to embed your interactive graph visualization snapshots into iframe-based web widgets! You can embed them into web articles, blog posts and even interactive notebooks such as Jupyter Notebooks. Tell a story with your graph!

Argo Lite embedded widget mode

Graphs for Testing and Demos

Toy graphs for testing Argo Lite

♥ Developed and maintained by Polo Club of Data Science. MIT License.