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added note about Due init workaround

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@@ -71,6 +71,7 @@ h2. Library Reference
- @vector g@ := The last values read from the gyro.
- @bool init(byte device, byte sa0)@ := Initializes the library with the device being used (L3G4200D or L3GD20) and the state of the SA0 (slave address least significant bit) pin. Constants for these arguments are defined in L3G.h. Both of these arguments are optional; if they are not specified, the library will try to automatically detect the device and slave address, and it will return a boolean indicating whether the autodetection was succesful.
+*Note:* Automatic detection of the device type currently does not work with the Arduino Due because of issues with its Wire library. To work around this, specify the device and SA0 state manually (e.g. @init(L3GD20_DEVICE, L3G_SA0_HIGH)@).
- @void enableDefault(void)@ := Turns on the gyro in the default configuration.
- @void writeReg(byte reg, byte value)@ := Writes a gyro register with the given value. Register address constants are defined in L3G.h.
- @byte readReg(byte reg)@ := Reads a gyro register and returns the value read.
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