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#Move to the folder where ep-lite is installed
cd `dirname $0`
#Was this script started in the bin folder? if yes move out
if [ -d "../bin" ]; then
cd "../"
#Is wget installed?
hash wget > /dev/null 2>&1 || {
echo "Please install wget" >&2
exit 1
#Is zip installed?
hash zip > /dev/null 2>&1 || {
echo "Please install zip" >&2
exit 1
#Is zip installed?
hash unzip > /dev/null 2>&1 || {
echo "Please install unzip" >&2
exit 1
echo "create a clean environment in /tmp/etherpad-lite-win..."
rm -rf /tmp/etherpad-lite-win
cp -ar . /tmp/etherpad-lite-win
cd /tmp/etherpad-lite-win
rm -rf node_modules
rm -f
echo "do a normal unix install first..."
bin/ || exit 1
echo "copy the windows settings template..."
cp settings.json.template_windows settings.json
echo "resolve symbolic links..."
cp -rL node_modules node_modules_resolved
rm -rf node_modules
mv node_modules_resolved node_modules
echo "remove sqlite, cause we can't use it with windows..."
rm -rf node_modules/ueberDB/node_modules/sqlite3
echo "replace log4js with a patched log4js, this log4js runs on windows too..."
rm -rf node_modules/log4js/*
wget -O
mv Pita-log4js-node*/* node_modules/log4js
rm -rf Pita-log4js-node*
echo "download windows node..."
cd bin
wget "$NODE_VERSION/node.exe" -O node.exe
echo "create the zip..."
cd /tmp
zip -9 -r etherpad-lite-win
echo "clean up..."
rm -rf /tmp/etherpad-lite-win
echo "Finished. You can find the zip in the Etherpad Lite root folder, it's called"
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