node.js addon that provides an Watchable class that has getters/setters without property names
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  • Watchable(onGet,onSet,onForeach)

    Supplies getter and setter callbacks across all the properties along with a for(x in y) callback that returns the list Callback's can use the this object in order to act normally without reinvoking themselves.

  • Value onGet(String propertyName, Value value, hadAlready)

    Returns the value at a specific index

  • Value onSet(String propertyName, Value oldValue, Value value, hadAlready)

    Returns the value to save at a specific index

  • Array onForeach()

    Returns an array containing all the index keys for this object



//print out any property gets that use the . operator
var debug = Watchable(
		//check the type of the object contained by value
		//undefined if no value, or number if using []'s with a number
		if(typeof value === "string") {
		return value;
	function(propertyName,oldValue,value,hadAlready) {
		return value;
debug[" world!"]




  1. Debugging - Show what is being accessed / set
  2. False natives - refuse to allow properties to be set / got beyond a specified few
  3. Dynamic programming - Fib[3] could compute Fib[1] and Fib[2]
  4. Index based getters / setters - Fib[0] cannot have a getter set normally because it is a number not string based index (all non-number non-undefined values become string based).