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Minor improvement on cleaning script

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gtozzi committed Feb 24, 2016
1 parent ec7abcd commit 3257469b8cd7d324ec9dd551872f26503c5f7edc
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@@ -93,6 +93,8 @@ Keep in mind that even when set this way, the option will be saved in the `CMake

You can now use the classic *make* command to compile the POL. You can type:
* `make` or `make all` to do the build
* `make clean` to delete all the intermediate build files

You will find the compiled files inside the `bin/` folder.

To delete intermediate build files and clean the folder you can use the
interective script.
@@ -89,6 +89,17 @@ def findBinaries(self):
def clearBinaries(self):

def findEmpty(self):
''' Returns list of empty folders '''
ret = []
for folder, subfolders, files in os.walk(self.root):
if not subfolders and not files:
return ret

def clearEmpty(self):

if __name__ == '__main__':
import argparse
@@ -130,9 +141,12 @@ def yesNo(question, default=None):
if c.findCmake() and yesNo('Delete cmake and intermediate build files?', True):

if c.findBinaries() and yesNo('Delete built finaries?', True):
if c.findBinaries() and yesNo('Delete built binaries?', True):

if c.findEmpty() and yesNo('Delete empty folders?', True):

if yesNo('Show list of files ignored by git?', False):
c = ['git', 'ls-files', '--others', '-i', '--exclude-standard']

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