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Magic is create by more than 20 loosely coupled components, that combined creates the end result you probably see as "Magic". Most of these components are documented at their respective GitHub project websites, which you can find links to below.

  • magic.lambda - Contains the core keywords of Hyperlambda
  • magic.lambda.http - contains HTTP REST Hyperlambda extension methods
  • magic.lambda.crypto - Contains encryption Hyperlambda extension methods
  • magic.lambda.validators - Contains validators Hyperlambda extension methods
  • magic.lambda.strings - Contains string manipulation Hyperlambda extension methods
  • magic.lambda.slots - Contains the ability to dynamically create slots and signals for Hyperlambda
  • magic.lambda.mysql - Contains the MySQL Hyperlambda extension methods
  • magic.lambda.mssql - Contains the MS SQL Server Hyperlambda extension methods
  • magic.lambda.math - Contains mathematical Hyperlambda extension methods
  • magic.lambda.logging - Contains logging Hyperlambda extension methods
  • magic.lambda.json - Contains Hyperlambda extension methods to manipulate JSON
  • - Contains Hyperlambda extension methods to read/write files, and manipulated folder on your server
  • magic.lambda.hyperlambda - Contains Hyperlambda parsing/creation extension methods
  • magic.lambda.config - Contains configuration Hyperlambda extension methods
  • magic.lambda.auth - Contains euthentication and authorization Hyperlambda extension methods
  • - Contains download and upload HTTP REST endpoints wrapped in a C# controller
  • - Contains the commonalities for MySQL and MS SQL Server Hyperlambda extension methods
  • magic.endpoint - Contains dynamic controller endpoints allowing you to evaluated Hyperlambda files from a given URL and HTTP verb
  • magic.http - Contains the basic HTTP REST library (C#) for Magic
  • magic.node - Contains the graph objects and helper classes that Hyperlambda actually is parsed to
  • magic.library - Contains "everything", basically allowing you to easily wrap up everything into your own solutions

If you wish to use only individual components, you would probably want to download magic.library, and modify it, and reference this project into your own backend website project.

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