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Phosphorus Five - A RAD Web App Framework

Phosphorus Five is a .Net based RAD Web Application Development Framework, for creating rich and secure Ajax web apps. It allows you to orchestrate your apps together, almost as if they were made out of LEGO bricks.

A one minute introduction video about Phosphorus Five

Out of the box, Phosphorus Five contains the following components.

  • Hyper IDE - A web based IDE, with support for 100+ programming languages
  • Camphora Five - A CRUD app generator allowing you to create rich CRUD apps in seconds
  • Hypereval - A Hyperlambda web based "PowerShell executor" and a snippets database

... plus more.


You can install Phosphorus Five on a production Ubuntu/Linux server with an automated script, taking care of all dependencies. Or you can download its code version, and play around with it locally, on your Windows, Mac, or Linux machine. If you choose the latter, you will have to make sure you have MySQL Server installed somehow on your computer. In addition, you need Visual Studio/Xamarin or Mono Develop to use the source code version.

Notice - Source Code - If you download the source version, make sure you edit the /core/p5.webapp/web.config file, such that it contains the correct connection string for your MySQL installation. This normally implies simply adding your password to the existing connection string. Phosphorus Five will run without a valid MySQL database connection string - However, some of its apps will not function at all, or at their peak performance.

Notice - Binaries - The automatic Linux script has only been tested on Ubuntu Server version 16.04.4, but might also work on other versions. This script will also sigificantly increase the security of your box, in addition to patching your box, updating it, and making sure it's using the latest stable versions of all software it installs - Such as for instance Mono version 5.10. The script expects a "vanilla" Linux Ubuntu Server, and will remove any existing websites you have configured for your Apache folder.

Notice - Source Code version on Windows - If you use the source code version on Windows in Visual Studio, make sure you turn off "browser sync" in Visual Studio.


On average, you can expect a Phosphorus Five web app to perform at least 10x as fast, compared to literally anything else out there. Below is a YouTube video demonstrating the performance of Hyper IDE versus Visual Studio Community Edition on a MacBook Air. To edit a simple CSS file in Visual Studio requires at least 3 times as much time, due to Visual Studio being slow. In the video below, I start Hyper IDE up after having started Visual Studio, and I am done with my work in Hyper IDE, before Visual Studio have even loaded.

A one minute performance demonstration of Hyper IDE versus Visual Studio


Phosphorus Five is created around the axiom that you should become at least 10x more productive. For some tasks, your productivity will soar to extreme heights, such as I demonstrate in the video below, where I create a rich database CRUD app in 2 minutes using the integrated Camphora Five CRUD app generator.

In this video I am creating an address book type of web app in 5 seconds

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DZone articles about Phosphorus Five

  1. Creating an operating system with 5 lines of code
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Phosphorus Five is free and open source software, and distributed under the terms of the Gnu Public License - However, proprietary enabling licenses are available for a fee.