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poly-on-fire is a collection of proof-of-concept projects using Polymer and Firebase

Pete Carapetyan TL;DR? blog TL;DR? video:
pete jammazwanPhotoSmall about
A project for learning an aspect of developing a Polymer app, deployed on Firebase hosting.

The idea is to prove out an approach or component in the simplest project first, before combining it with other code in a real project.


What it does:

PullModel is a lab project to prove out Polymer2 on Firebase as a viable application platform. has an actual end user to keep me from just producing happy-path software, but this user is neither large nor impatient, so I only work on pullmodel in my spare time.

More about pullModel

This project is summarized in this blog post.

Most of the other poly-on-fire projects were built first, to test out pieces of pullModel before implementing here.

PullModel acts as a matched pair with autoPm, where

  • pullModel is the client code, mostly doing straight writes to firebase. Written in Polymer 2
  • autoPm listens to those writes, and responds appropriately on the back end. Written in Java.


PullModel - education by the drip - scheduled emails and messages by subscription - and a demo Polymer on Firebase project




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