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Polyaxon allows users to run notebook jobs on project level, these jobs are subject to the same permissions of the project they belong to.

Notebooks allow users to create and share documents that contain live code, visualizations and explanatory texts.

Notebooks are great for interactively writing and debugging your code and visualizing your results and data.

Start a notebook

We assume that you have already a project created and initialized, and code uploaded.

Starting notebook is similar to running any other Polyaxon job, i.e. you need to define polyaxonfile containing:

Let's create a simple polyaxonfile_notebook.yml

version: 1

kind: notebook

  image: python:3
    - pip3 install jupyter

Now we can start the jupyter notebook on the project

$ polyaxon notebook start -f polyaxonfile_notebook.yml

Notebook is being deployed for project `mnist`

It may take some time before you can access the dashboard.

Your notebook will be available on:

Polyaxon will create a docker image based on the specification in the polyaxonfile and start a jupyter notebook with the same permissions of the project. This means that if the project is private the notebook will only be visible to the project owner and superusers.

!!! tip You can also execute notebook start with -u option, to upload before resuming the start the command, In that case polyaxon upload is not necessary

$ polyaxon notebook -f polyaxonfile_notebook.yml -u

Since the notebook is create with polyaxonfile, it can be customized in the same way as any other job, e.g. you can customize the resources, request GPUs ...

version: 1

kind: notebook

      requests: 2
      limits: 4
      requests: 1
      limits: 1
      requests: 512
      limits: 2048

  image: python:3
    - pip3 install jupyter

Stop a notebook

To stop a notebook, run the following command in your terminal

$ polyaxon notebook stop

!!! info "More details" For more details about this command please run polyaxon notebook --help, or check the command reference