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Script: info-hackspeed

A small script that shows your typing speed. Happy Hacking!



  • xorg-xinput
  • awk
  • coreutils (rm, stdbuf, mktemp, stat, you probably have this)


  • KEYBOARD_ID: name of your keyboard. See Setup above. Default: AT Translated Set 2 keyboard
  • METRIC: either cpm (characters per minute) of wpm (words per minute, 1 word = 5 characters). Default: cpm
  • FORMAT: format string according to which the metric will be output. Default: # %d $METRIC
  • INTERVAL: amount of seconds to gather data. Default: 20
  • LAYOUT: keyboard layout, to be able to only count letters and numbers. Currently supported are qwerty and azerty. If you have a different layout, please contribute a condition for it! See the script's source code. Use the special value dontcare to count all keys, not just letters and numbers. Default: qwerty

If after 20 seconds the value stays at 0 even though you're typing, you may have to configure the name of your keyboard. Change the setting KEYBOARD_ID (see Configuration below) in the script. You can find your keyboard description with xinput list --short.


type = custom/script
exec = ~/polybar-scripts/
tail = true
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