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An open source RGB lighting management front-end application to customise OpenRazer peripherals on GNU/Linux.

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Screenshot of Polychromatic v0.7.0 Controller


Polychromatic is a front-end for managing lighting, RGB effects and device properties for Razer keyboards, mice, keypads. This project has a long-term ambition to support peripherals from other brands too.

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Device Support

Polychromatic on its own is just a frontend, it currently needs OpenRazer installed to provide the actual communication with the hardware. Both projects only run on Linux distributions.

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Instructions for each supported Linux distro are provided on the website:

Installing packages from a software repository is recommended as this will keep the software up-to-date, and your package system will keep track of dependencies.

Something not working?

Occasionally, issues are caused by an improper OpenRazer driver installation. Polychromatic includes a troubleshooter to identify common problems. See our FAQs on OpenRazer if your device is not showing up or shows an error when changing settings.

For bugs specific to Polychromatic, please raise an issue here.


See for instructions on running the software locally.


The software can speak multiple languages! Here's a guide if you'd like to contribute.


If you love this software and wish to leave a little something to excite the developer, you're welcome to do so via Thank you for your generosity!