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πŸ”₯ polyfire

Documentation | Discord | Dashboard

⚑ An all-in-one managed backend for AI apps. Build AI apps from the frontend, very fast. πŸͺΆ

Why use Polyfire?

  • Just code from the frontend, no backend needed
  • If you already have backend, less code to write
  • Most backend services you'd need in a couple lines of code

We manage your AI backend so you don't have to.

Demo Gif

🧰 Examples

We have several examples in our documentation. But here are two simple ones to get you started


import { useState, useEffect } from "react";
import { createRoot } from "react-dom/client";
import { PolyfireProvider, usePolyfire } from "polyfire-js/hooks";

function App() {
  const { auth: { login, status }, models: { generate } } = usePolyfire();
  const [haiku, setHaiku] = useState();

  useEffect(() => {
    if (status === "authenticated") generate("haiku").then(setHaiku);
  }, [status]);

  if (status === "unauthenticated")
    return <button onClick={() => login("github")}>Login with Github</button>;
  else if (status === "loading" || !haiku) return <h1>Loading...</h1>;
  return <h1>{haiku}</h1>;

document.body.innerHTML = '<div id="app"></div>';
const root = createRoot(document.getElementById("app"));
root.render(<PolyfireProvider project="your_project_id"><App /></PolyfireProvider>);

Don't forget to change the your_project_id by your project ID you will have got on

Vanilla JS

<script src=""></script>
	(async () => {
		const polyfire = window.PolyfireClientBuilder({ project: "your_project_id" })
		const isAuthenticated = await polyfire.auth.init();
		if (!isAuthenticated) {
		  await polyfire.auth.login("github")
		const helloWorld = await polyfire.models.generate("Write me a hello world haiku");

Don't forget to change the your_project_id by your project ID you will have got on

πŸ†• Getting Started

To get an overview of Polyfire follow this Basic Usage tutorial.

✨ Starter Guides

We also made a couple of tutorials you can use to get started with Polyfire:

πŸ“š Useful References

πŸ”— Links

We're open source! Make a good PR to the JS SDK or the API and we'll merge it.