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add clarification about the closed github issues
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polygamma committed Aug 28, 2018
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@@ -21,6 +21,16 @@ I am not willing to continue developing `aurman` for public use.
The GitHub issues are closed, I am not interested in feedback, feature requests or bug reports anymore.
`aurman` is going to be developed for myself only from now on, I suggest migrating to `yay`.

For people interested in the **why**, see:

And also a clarification about the `yay` recommendation:

I am recommending `yay` instead of `aurman`, because from a users point of view, it may be nicer to have the possibility to give feedback.
From a pure technical point of view, there is no need to switch, if you are happy with `aurman` as of now.
Since I need an AUR helper myself, `aurman` development will continue. Do not expect frequent updates however, because current `aurman` fulfills all of my needs.
If I do not encounter bugs, or other changes are needed in order for `aurman` to work properly, there is nothing to be done for me.
In case that this situation changes, the README in the GitHub repository will inform about it.

## Warning

Even though it may seem like an AUR helper is targeted at inexperienced users, the opposite is the case.

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