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Added / Updated
  • You can now customize output-model properties that you need, instead of having all data.
  • #201 (and other related issues) DOM bug is now fixed.
  • #205 (and other related issues) CSS bug is now fixed.
  • #207 (and other related issues) You can now update the directive by modifying the input-model as usual.
Deprecated / Breaking Changes
  • input-model behaviour is now back like v2.x.x. If you don't re-use your input-model, you should be safe.


Added / Updated
  • Support for AngularJs version 1.3.x (v3.0.0 also supports AngularJs 1.2.x, but beware of the breaking changes)
  • Customized text on helper elements
  • 5 new callbacks
  • You can now set minimum characters required to trigger the search functionality
  • You can now define which input-model properties to search from (previously, all input-model properties are searched)
  • On close, parent button will now receive focus.
  • Using proper semantics (well at least better than previous version).
  • Limited support on promise objects.
  • Various small optimizations.
Deprecated / Breaking Changes
  • File name and the directive name have been changed. I am really sorry for this, but this is the only workaround to prevent wrong language statistic in Github (they don''t count files whose name starts with "angular"). The repository name stays the same.
  • output-model is now required.
  • input-model is now static (not dynamically updated), hence why we need output-model. On the plus side, you now can re-use the input model where necessary.
  • default-label is deprecated. Custom text and translations can be done using the translation attribute.


Added / Updated
  • Bring back CSS into bower.json.


Added / Updated
  • #52 Form tag is now properly closed


Added / Updated
  • Unlimited nested grouping. Group headers are clickable to select / deselect all items under the group. Group headers are filter aware, means it will only affect filtered result.
  • Helper buttons are now filter aware as well (For example, if you filter something and click 'Select All', the directive will tick all of the filtered result only. Same goes with 'Select None' and 'Reset' )
  • Supports arrow key navigation (up, down, left, right, and spacebar).
  • New CSS styling
  • default-label attribute. You can define your default text on the button when nothing is selected.
  • on-item-click attribute. This is a callback which will be triggered when a user click an item. Will pass the clicked item to the callback function.
  • on-open and on-close callbacks will now pass the multi-select element (HTML) to the callback function.
  • max-height attribute. You can define the height of the selection items container.
Deprecated / Breaking Changes
  • on-focus attribute is deprecated.
  • on-blur attribute is deprecated. Use on-close instead, as it will be triggered when user close a directive by clicking outside the directive.
  • IE8 will no longer be supported.


Added / Updated:
  • #19 Default label on the dropdown button is now configurable using attribute "default-label"="..."
  • #16 Attribute "max-labels" can now be 0. If set to 0, the dropdown button will only display "(Total: X)"


Added / Updated:
  • Added event callbacks
  • #5 Helper elements are now configurable


First release