Gulp tasks for fibres (your modules)
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Gulp tasks for fibres (your modules)


What is this?

Gulp is a great build tool and we wanted to have a nice place where all our gulp tasks could live happily.

What's available?


Rather than use the specific plugin tasks individually we use a grouped set to speed things up:


Starts watching your JavaScript and SCSS files, and runs karma, eslint, jasmine; and scss-lint, when a file changes respectively.

gulp test

Starts all the linters (eslint and scss-lint) and all the tests (jasmine for node and karma for web).

gulp test:web

Starts all the linters (eslint and scss-lint) and runs karma tests.

gulp test:node

Starts eslint and runs the jasmine tests.

gulp bump:[patch|minor|major]

Bumps your package.json|component.json (config can be found in the config.js), git commits, tags and pushes said tag to your current remote and branch.

gulp build

Tests and builds your fibre (module) for web and node; web output is webpacked and named + [chunkhash].js, uglified and placed in dist/ (all can be set in config.js), and node output is babel'd and placed in lib/

gulp build:web

Test and build your fibre (module) for the web.

gulp build:node

Test and build your fibre (module) for node.

gulp karma:debug

In addition to the standard gulp karma the :debug flag keeps karma alive so you can debug it using the open browser; all the code uses sourcemaps so if you're using ES6 you should see some nice code.


The MIT License (MIT)